Ishinomori museum in Miyagi to hold ‘Evangelion’ exhibit

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

The Ishinomori Shotaro Furusato Kinenkan in Tome, Miyagi Prefecture, will hold a special exhibition devoted to the “Evangelion” animated series from July 16 to Oct. 23, museum officials said.

The exhibition will feature the original proposals for the anime, key frames and many other materials usually kept from public view.

Screenplays, storyboards and additional dialogue recording (ADR) scripts will help illustrate the production process.

A two-meter model of the Evangelion Unit 01 robot and a replica of the Spear of Longinus will also be on display.

The exhibition will show how the anime franchise developed since the animated TV series was first released more than 15 years ago and will cover not only the original series, but also film adaptations.

Replicas of frames from the recent four-part film reboot, as well as other Evangelion-related projects and campaigns, will be showcased.

Miyagi Prefecture is one of the areas most severely affected by the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake. The birthplace of the late manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori, which stands adjacent to the museum established in his memory, is currently closed because of the earthquake. Ishinomori was known as the creator of “Cyborg 007” and “Kamen Rider.”

The nearby Ishinomori Manga Museum in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, also known as the Ishinomaki Mangattan Museum, has been forced to close because of heavy damage from the March 11 tsunami. It is not clear when it will reopen.

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