Bandai offers 12 Angels figurines from ‘Evangelion’

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

A series of 12 enemy Angels collectible figurines from the new “Evangelion” movie series packaged with chewing gum was released from Bandai Co. on May 30, the toymaker said.

Each figurine costs 294 yen ($3.50). The products are available at convenience stores, mass retailers, supermarket stores, hobby shops and elsewhere.

The Angels are hostile beings in the anime series that Shinji and other pilots of giant robots known as Evangelions must fight to protect Tokyo-3. However, no one knows why they have come there.

The Angels come in various forms and attack in many different ways.

The figurines are true in color and form to the uniquely shaped Angels in the anime. Transparent materials and metallic coatings are used to give the models a more realistic look.

The Angels have a major presence in the anime, but until now, only a few products have featured the characters, according to Bandai.

The series includes the third through 10th Angels, as well as four Evangelions. The collection comprises a kind of “3-D picture book of Angels,” the toymaker said.

The figurines are aimed at collectors age 15 or older. The company said it expects to sell about 300,000 units by the end of July.

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