Tomy eyes 10 billion yen in sales from ‘Transformers’ movie toys

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

To mark the release of Hollywood blockbuster “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” which will hit cinemas worldwide in July, toymaker Tomy Co. is offering a new line of “Transformers Movie Series” items

Tomy said it is aiming for more than 10 billion yen ($122.4 million) in sales from the 80 or so items in about 100 countries and regions worldwide.

The film is the third live-action adaptation of the “Transformers” toy and anime franchise. The first installment was released in 2007 and was a box-office success. The third and last in the series is the first to be released in 3-D.

The “Transformers” franchise was originally based on the “Microman” and “Diaclone” toy series by Takara Co., forerunner of Tomy. The toymaker has won kudos for the popular transforming robot figures, which remain a best seller.

The latest toy lineup consists of the three series inspired by machines featured in the movie: the “Mechtech Series,” whose toys feature the Mechtech Weapon System; the lower-priced “Cyberverse Series” versions; and the “Dual Model Kit Series” plastic toys.

The Mechtech action figures come with weapons that convert with a one-touch mechanism and connect with other Mechtech weapons and figures. About 50 items will be released starting in May.

About 25 items from the palm-sized “Cyberverse Series” action figures will be launched in late July, while two from the “Dual Model Kit Series” line will go on sale in June in Japan and several other Asian markets.

In addition, the latest lineup involves card games.

“Mechtech Cards,” which are included in most of Mechtech and Cyberverse products, can be used to play games on the Internet, mobile devices and coin-operated video games.

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