Manga society confab to discuss sexuality, restrictions in cartoons

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

The Japan Society for Studies in Cartoon and Comics (JSSCC) will hold its 11th annual confab on July 2-3 in Kochi.

The JSSCC will host a research conference, a forum and a symposium during the two-day meeting, it added.

Established for the promotion of manga studies and exchanges between researchers, the organization each year provides a venue for academic and industry professionals to present their studies.

The event will feature various presentations, both oral and visual, on a wide range of subjects including such themes as manga focusing on women and so-called “boys-love” manga that deal with homosexuality.

Another will highlight comics devoted to female readers in South Korea.

Meanwhile, a forum will also be held to discuss issues involving regulations on manga expressions.

The connection between manga and locality will be the main focus of a related symposium, which will be held on July 3.

The theme apparently was chosen because the Manga Koshien, an annual national high school manga championship held in the Kochi city, will celebrate the 20th anniversary this year.

The contest is considered one of pioneering attempts aimed at promoting the benefits of regional areas through manga that have received great attention in recent years.

The symposium will be held in two parts; the first part centers on the discovery of locality in manga and the second part highlights local-oriented manga titles from across the country.

An additional lecture on manga associated with Kochi Prefecture will also be offered.

Due to the academic nature of the presentations, the contents of each program will likely be highly technical. However, the programs will certainly be intriguing for those who are interested in these topics.

Advance tickets are not available, but non-JSSCC members can also participate in the research presentations, as well as the forum and the symposium.

Non-members can attend programs held on July 2 by paying admission of 1,000 yen ($12), and 500 yen for the events on the following day.

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