‘Suite Precure’ series to debut on Blu-ray DVD this fall

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

The long-running “Suite Precure” animated cartoon series makes its Blu-ray debut this fall, TC Entertainment Inc. said.

The first volume of the series, whose 2010 season began airing in February, will hit stores on Oct. 28, followed by the second volume on Feb. 24, 2012, the third on April 27 and the fourth on June 24, the company said.

These will be the first Blu-ray issues for the long-running “Precure” series. Now in its eighth year, the latest season is called “Suite Precure.”

The Blu-ray edition is certain to please fans who prefer to watch in high-quality video format.

The first three volumes will contain 12 episodes each, with the fourth containing 13 to cover all 49 episodes. Each is priced at 24,150 yen ($291), including tax, and comes in a high-quality paper container. A limited-edition set contains a souvenir plastic folder.

The first volume will also include special video extras, such as the opening and closing sequences, both minus the credits, plus promotional videos for the Blu-ray and DVD issues. The third volume will contain the opening and closing sequences for the second half of the series, again minus the credits.

“Suite Precure” centers around Hibiki Hojo and Kanade Mimamino. The girls were good friends in their childhoods, but have been at odds with each other in junior high school.

One day, Hummy, a cat-like fairy from the musical nation of Major Land, comes along and asks the girls to protect the human world from the evil Mephisto.

To do so, Hummy says Hibiki and Kanade must merge their hearts of justice into one so they can transform themselves into the Precures.

Can the fairylike Precures stop Mephisto and bring peace? Devoted fans will be sure to pay close attention.

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