‘Evangelion’ saga inspires fashion and eyewear sales

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

The “Evangelion” anime franchise has done extremely well at home and abroad, with feature films produced in the 2000s long after the original TV series wrapped in 1996.

Much attention has been paid to the sexy-cool sci-fi outfits worn by its characters, including Asuka Langley Soryu and Misato Katsuragi.
Now comes an Evangelion-themed fashion event in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, offering fans a rare chance to get their hands on clothing and accessories inspired by the anime.

“Anata no Shiranai Dai-san Shin-Tokyo Shi” (The new Tokyo-3 you have never known), the promo event runs April 29 to May 15 at the Lumine Man clothing store and the Harajuku Revelations/ boutique.

Lumine Man, not far from JR Shibuya Station, is the flagship store for men’s fashions run by Lumine Co., operator of shopping malls geared to young tastes. Harajuku Revelations/ deals in subculture fashion items for men and is located in Harajuku.

The event offers fashions that connect New Tokyo-3, the fictitious metropolis featured in the anime series with the real Tokyo. Clothing inspired by the outfits worn by the anime characters when they transform into superheros will also be featured.

As well, the eyewear worn by the Evangelion characters in their non-superhero roles is reproduced by eyewear maker JIN Co. its “Evangelion x JINS” promotional line.

Plus, the latest products on offer from radio-eva.jp, an online depot for all things “Evangelion,” will be sold at each venue along with items from the official online Evangelion Store.

With its wide variety, this is one chance that die-hard Evangelion fans won’t want to miss.

Visit the JINS website at (http://www.jins-jp.com/evangelion/) and the Evangelion Store at (http://www.evastore.jp/pc/revelations.html).

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