Comic Gene manga magazine to be launched in June

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Comic Gene, a new monthly comic magazine, will be launched on June 15, publisher Media Factory Inc. said.

In a marketing twist, the manga it features are originally marketed for young males, but this magazine is also aimed at young female readers. It’s a new venture for the publisher, a well-known manga, anime and visual content provider.

An official website was launched April 1, introducing an early-release special intended to charm female fans: A bonus gift pack containing three items will be included in each of the first three issues.

The first issue comes with an audio CD of a related story and a plastic folder featuring a “Maria Holic” illustration, in addition to a collection of illustrations by manga artists whose works appear in Comic Gene.

The “Maria Holic” manga is by Minari Endo. The second season of its animated TV series started airing this month.

The audio CD contains an original episode with characters voiced by Tomokazu Sugita and Nobuhiko Okamoto.

It was written by Masahiro Yokotani, who writes the script and supervises overall story composition for the anime. As with the TV series, Toshiki Kameyama was sound director.

The audio CD features an unusual character from the series, Father Toichiro Kanae, as the protagonist. The story unfolds in a closed room occupied by Kanae and Rindo Shinoji, who attends a nearby boys’ school. It’s a setting that will likely attract the attention of girls, the publisher says.

Endo’s latest manga series, “Kuroinu O’clock,” will begin running in the first issue of Comic Gene.

In a special preview event, Cure Maid Cafe, a cosplay restaurant in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, will host the “Comic Gene Cafe” from April 15 to 24.

During that time, food and drinks inspired by characters from “Maria Holic Spin-off,” “Brave10 S” and other manga titles to be serialized in the magazine will be served by Cure Maid Cafe’s maid-costumed waitresses. The interior of the cafe will also be decorated to match Comic Gene titles and characters, offering a sneak preview of the comic anthology before its release date.

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