“Help Japan” charity auction by a Belgian convention

There is an ongoing charity auction called “Help Japan” held by a Belgian convention called Made In Asia: http://www.madeinasia.be/

The description on the website says in English:
“On their first visit to Belgium, Mr. Nobuhiro WATSUKI and Mr. Hiroki KANNO have decided to offer the original artworks dedicated to the Made In Asia 2011 convention’s Ex-Libris. Those 6 unique works will be available on an auction for 10 days only. All the money collected will be donated to the Belgian Red Cross in order to help Japan and people suffering from the recent Tohoku Earthquake. The artists and the Made In Asia team sincerely would like to thank you for your participation, generosity and support for Japan in these difficult times.”

Those 6 drawings were exclusively drawn by the artists who attended Made In Asia convention in Brussels from March 18-19, just one week after the massive quake.

Nobuhiro Watsuki is a mangaka and creator of Rurouni Kenshin, Buso Renkin and Embalming. Hiroki Kanno is a character designer and animation director. His works include Rahxephon, Cowboy Bebop and most recently Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

“Ex-Libris” (that’s what it’s called in Belgium, the home country of famous BDs such as Tintin and Smurfs) are A4-size papers with printed images used at autograph sessions for the artists to sign. So these drawings were exclusively drawn and used to print limited edition of the Ex-Libris at Made In Asia 2011.

The ones that are shown online and donated for the charity auction are the real original drawings, meaning these are hand-drawn pieces by the guest artists. This auction is a very rare occasion where drawings of such high quality are being offered.

The Made In Asia webpage is linked to eBay and the auction goes on for 10 days. There is a count-down clock on the website to inform the visitors when the auction is going to end. The website lists four languages: French, Dutch, English and Japanese. Anyone who wishes to bid for the drawings can participate from any parts of the world (as long as you have access). The intention of this auction being online is to open up the opportunity for an international collaboration and for the manga/anime fans to support Japan.

Made In Asia’s “Help Japan” auction website: