‘Sockies: Frontier Quest’ hits airwaves

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Over a century ago, a granny in Chicago came up with an idea of using her husband’s worn-out socks to make sock monkey dolls, originating a tradition that is still popular today.

Though made of used garments, sock monkeys are cute and have become popular in Japan among hobbyists and kids alike.

Now comes an animated TV series featuring sock monkeys starting in April on the Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK).

“Sockies: Frontier Quest” will be a segment on the educational variety show “Bitworld,” which airs on NHK’s educational channel at 6:20 p.m. Fridays.

“Bitworld” is a long-running children’s program loaded with anime and CG imagery. Kids are sure to love “Sockies.”

The anime’s story follows Sockie, Lily and Burimon, good friends who live in Monkey Village. Sockie is a courageous and strong ape. Lily comes from the most respected family in the village and Burimon is from the richest family.

The trio have an adventure, visiting a weird town in each episode.

Anime creator Kyo Yatate is both director and character designer for the series. Motoichi Adachi, who has worked on many variety shows, is the scriptwriter.

Kachidoki Studio, the anime company that gave us the “Shokupan Mimi” TV series and “Tobidasu Ehon 3D” animated feature, is producing the show.

See (http://sockmonkey-kyoukai.jp/sockies/).

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