‘Mega Man’ theme of Asiagraph 2011 contest

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Asiagraph 2011, an international event focusing on digital content from Asia, is featuring game publisher Capcom Co.’s popular game character Mega Man as the theme for a fan competition in the event’s CG Art Gallery.

A special award dedicated to Mega Man will be awarded to the best CG works featuring the character. Entries are being accepted through March 24. A second submission period will be from mid-May to mid-July.

The organizers hope to see submissions open up new possibilities for the Mega Man character.

Asiagraph is a central part of the Digital Content Expo, a large event hosted by the Digital Content Association of Japan. The event looks at digital content from the artistic angle, bringing together CG works created with the latest technology and digital creators from all over Asia.

The CG Art Gallery will display invited works, in addition to introducing digital still images and CG animations that won awards in a division open to public submissions.

The Expo has attracted attention around the world since being launched in 2006.

Mega Man (Rockman in Japan) was chosen as the CG Art Gallery theme because it is considered one of the most recognized CG characters in the game industry.

The first Nintendo Entertainment System video game featuring Mega Man went on sale in 1987. The game series has sold about 28 million copies.

Animated home video and TV adaptations of Mega Man have been also produced.

Submissions to the CG Art Gallery contest must be created digitally using character designs and visual images from the Mega Man world. The works can also incorporate images, music, dialogue and sound effects from the video game.

In a way, the contest is like a Mega Man fan contest officially endorsed by Capcom.

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