Soft drinks featuring ‘Kamen Rider’ and ‘Goranger’ superheroes to be released on Feb. 28

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Two superhero teams, the Kamen Riders (Masked Riders outside Japan) and the “Goranger” squad, are the next to be honored with a collector’s series of retro-themed canned carbonated soft drinks from DyDo Drinco Inc.

Under its “Fukkokudo” remake series, “Kamen Cider” and “Himitsu Tansan (carbonated secret) Goranger” the superhero sodas will hit store shelves on Feb. 28, the beverage maker said.

Each lineup was overseen by Ishimori Production Inc., which manages the works of manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori, creator of the two superhero franchises.

The Fukkokudo series offers retro-styled DyDo beverages, both in design and flavor. The drinks are aimed at both kids and older folks who grew up watching the live-action TV shows.

DyDo decided to collaborate with the two superhero franchises because 2011 marks anniversaries for both. The Masked Rider franchise turns 40 this year, while the 35th installment of the “Super Sentai” (Super squad) series is now being aired.

The “Kamen Cider” beverage is a lemon-lime flavored “lamune” drink, popular especially in the Showa Era (1926-1989).

The series includes nine different scenes on cans featuring the riders of the era–Kamen Rider #1, the new #1, V3, Black, and ZX–and their arch-enemies, such as Hachi Onna (Bee woman) and Jigoku Taishi (Hell ambassador).

Also printed on the can is a short, behind-the-scenes story to add extra amusement.

The “Himitsu Tansan Goranger” drinks contain lemon squash soda. The cans feature nine designs of the five members of the superhero squad and villains from the 1st installment of “Goranger.”

Each 350-milliliter can will sell for 100 yen ($1.20), including tax. The beverage will be available at stores and vending machines nationwide.

DyDo previously released a superhero collaboration series featuring characters from the “Ultraman” franchise.

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