‘Yurumeitsu’ 2nd DVD due out in June

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

After a two-year wait, the “Yurumeitsu” anime series returns to DVD on June 24, publisher Takeshobo Co. has said.

Filled with humor, “Yurumeitsu” is based on manga artist saxyun’s four-frame manga series that runs in Takeshobo’s monthly Gekkan Manga Club comic magazine.

The comic follows the care-free life of Yurume, who has graduated from a high school and is yet to start studying at college. It has gained a widespread fan base.

The first original video animation series was released in April 2009. It featured a star-studded voice cast, including Halko Momoi, Natsuko Kuwatani, Miyu Matsuki, Satoshi Hino and Mayu Miyazaki.

The first series on DVD enjoyed brisk sales, gaining the top spot on a monthly sales chart for home-video animated series.
The voice cast members will also be reunited for the second edition, titled, “Yurumeitsu Ha?”

A new character in the series is Sae’s younger sister, who lives at Yurume’s apartment complex. She will be voiced by Ayana Taketatsu.

Momoi, who plays the role of Yurume, will also sing the new theme song for the second series. Inspired by the anime, Momoi wrote the lyrics and music for “Eien no Orusuban” (Eternal apartment sitting). The song is on her latest album, “Ivy,” released in September 2010.

Also on June 24, the third volume of the original manga will be released. The regular version costs 680 yen ($8.26), including tax. A special edition that comes with a BE@RBRICK toy figure modeled after Yurume will be priced at 2,400 yen, including tax.

See (http://www.takeshobo.co.jp/sp/yuru2/).

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