‘Usagi Drop’ to premiere in July

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

The long-awaited “Usagi Drop” (Bunny Drop) anime series begins airing on Fuji Television Network Inc.’s “noitaminA” animation block from July, the network said at press preview of its upcoming lineup held in Tokyo earlier this month.

The “noitaminA” block airs high-quality anime titles aimed at a wider audience than typical anime fans, often showing ambitious and experimental works.

The “Usagi Drop” series is based on the manga of the same name by Yumi Unita. It is running in Shodensha Inc.’s monthly Feel Young comic magazine.

The story follows a 30-year-old bachelor, Daikichi, who is raising Rin, his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter. Daikichi and Rin eventually form a family.

The manga has been critically acclaimed, and fans have long looked forward to an animated TV adaptation.

A live-action feature film is also in the works, starring Kenichi Matsuyama, Karina and Mana Ashida. The film will be distributed by Showgate Inc., and will hit theaters this summer.

Fuji TV’s “noitaminA” block, meanwhile, tends to show cross-over titles that span the fields of manga, live-action film and anime. A prime example is “Nodame Cantabile,” story of a woman majoring in piano at a music college.

With the TV series and live-action versions set to be aired at around the same period, interest in “Usagi Drop” is expected to gain momentum.

The anime series is being produced by Production I.G Inc., a leading animation studio. It is the studio’s first return to the “noitaminA” block since “Eden of the East,” which ran from April 2009.

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