Last ‘Broken Blade’ anime episode in theaters March 26

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The final episode of the “Broken Blade” anime series, which broke new ground by successfully jumping from web to theater and only later was released as manga, arrives in theaters on March 26.

“Episode 6: Dokoku no Toride” (The Fortress of Lamentation) is the sixth and final installment in the anime based on a web comic by Yunosuke Yoshinaga that runs on the Flex Comix website.

Each anime film runs about 50 minutes. “Episode 1: Kakusei no Toki” (The Time of Awakening) was released on May 29, 2010. It was followed with a new episode every few months over the past year, a speedier approach that has garnered industry attention.

Following the anime’s success online and in theaters, the web series has now been released in comic book form, with about one million copies in print.

While web comic titles are typically not as widely known among readers of comic magazines or books, the past year’s continued releases of “Broken Blade” episodes in theaters contributed to its success.

In fact, the print version’s record sales are likely entirely thanks to the anime’s continuous releases in theaters.

This new approach to marketing has excited the industry because the original manga series has not been carried in conventional comic magazines, and the animated series has not been aired on television, the two typical paths to success.

Set in a fantasy world where most people possess magical powers, “Broken Blade” is about power struggle and friendship set in the continent of Cruzon. The denizens all share the magical ability to operate machinery–all except Rygart, a soldier who must rely only on his physical strength and intelligence.

The final episode is about Rygart’s final battle against General Borcuse. Rygart is the only one who can pilot the giant-robot weapon, Delphine, which is given new form with the help of magic engineer Sigyn.

Fans of the series won’t want to miss this exciting finale.

Advance tickets will be released later in January. A limited number of advance tickets that also include a souvenir tin coaster will be sold for 1,000 yen ($12), including tax, at selected theaters.

In addition, advance tickets that include a bookstore gift certificate will be sold for 2,500 yen, including tax, from Animate and Gamers anime shops and the Animate and Gamers online shop.

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