‘Tsubuyaki-tai’ DVD due in March

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

The bizarre yet comforting “datsuryoku-kei” (stress-easing, ennui-filled) world of “Tsubuyaki-tai” (Murmur squad) comes to home DVD on March 25.

The animated film features a group of bumbling but somewhat cute characters that spout surreal and comical comments as they wander through a Dali-esque world.

Distributed by T.O Entertainment Inc., the DVD costs 2,980 yen ($36), including tax. It contains the 50-minute original anime and 10 minutes of bonus footage.

The anime introduces weird but amusing characters such as a toothbrush, a cellphone-screen cleaner, a utility pole and a human who makes animal suits. Each murmurs their innermost thoughts as the story progresses.

The production team includes Takashi Taniguchi, an up-and-coming anime creator known for surreal anime works such as “Mori no Ando” (Ando of the Woods) and “Mukidashi no Mitsuko” (Exposed Mitsuko). He was character designer and artistic supervisor.

Wataru Suzuki, known for animated shorts including “Morekuru Miracle” and “Goruten Times,” wrote the script and supervised the animation.

With this excellent mix of Taniguchi’s unique characters and Suzuki’s smooth-paced production, “Tsubuyaki-tai” is sure to amuse fans of comical datsuryoku-kei anime.

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