Akihabara Guide iPhone app helps tourists in 6 languages

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Akihabara Guide, an iPhone app that offers a detailed guide to the district in six languages, offers tourists a quick way to get around the popular anime and electronics shopping area.

Based on the 2008 English guidebook, “The Best Shops of Akihabara,” the content was given a complete overhaul. The Akihabara Guide app was released Dec. 9 on the iTunes App store, priced at 230 yen (about $2.8).

“The Best Shops of Akihabara” book helped foreign tourists find their way to interesting spots.

The book got solid reviews for its concept, which featured rich content. It was promoted in the media worldwide and sold overseas.

For the app, the content received a full update, introducing 30 shops in Akihabara that were selected based on opinions from non-Japanese Akiba fans. The shops gave their approval to be published.
The app features original guide characters named Amu and Nekonavi who show the user around the town.

Making full use of iPhone versatility, the app includes maps and functions such as GPS, which quickly points the user in the right direction, that aren’t available in the earlier book.

The app also interacts with Twitter, allowing tweets in the user’s native language on the latest information to other Twitter users in real time.

The app is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

First-time visitors to Akihabara will be able to explore the area’s offerings on their own using Akihabara Guide, according to Prime Style Corp., the distributor of the app.

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