Sunrise to release new hero anime ‘Tiger & Bunny’ in April

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Animation studio Sunrise Inc. will release a new animated TV series, titled “Tiger & Bunny,” in April 2011 that has taken the unusual step of allowing real firms to sponsor characters in its storyline.

The production, to be aired on MBS and Tokyo MX and the BS 11 digital channel, attracted attention with an advertisement placed in the Nikkei business daily calling on companies to place their ads within the anime.

“Tiger & Bunny” offers a different take on the conventional superhero genre. The story is set in a fictional city where ordinary people and superheroes rub shoulders. The superheroes are featured on television continuously and enjoy great popularity.

But they also have to earn their bread. They are sponsored by famous companies. Their contracts describe them as “heroes (regular company employees).” The series’ gimmick is that some of their sponsors are likely to be real firms who have responded to the advertisement in the Nikkei.

“Wingman” and “Zetman” creator Masakazu Katsura provided the basic designs for the series, and Keiichi Sato, best known for the internationally popular “Karas” animation series, will take the helm of the production.

TV drama writer Masafumi Nishida is in charge of the script. Composer Yoshihiro Ike, known for his contribution to the anime “Freedom” and the TV drama “Aibo” (partners), will also join the project.
The story centers on a pair of superheroes: a veteran hero facing difficulties in his private and professional life and a capable but unmanageable rookie.

The two team up to fight crime, often ending up at odds with each other. It is an action story tinged with humor, and an exploration of friendship.

Updates on the series will be posted on the anime’s official website at (

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