Mitsukoshi store promotes ‘oseibo’ gifts via anime shorts

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Aiming at younger shoppers for its “oseibo” year-end gift sales, department store operator Mitsukoshi Ltd. is featuring nine humorous anime shorts on its online shopping site.

Titled, “Mitsukoshi no Oseibo: Gift Anime Hen” (Year-end gifts from Mitsukoshi: anime version), the fun series introduces select items recommended by Mitsukoshi.

The tradition of oseibo and anime may seem an odd pairing, but the animated shorts aim to add joy to the gift-giving practice. Mitsukoshi says its project is an industry first.

Online shopping for oseibo gifts is gaining popularity year after year, according to the retailer. The anime project was introduced to attract shoppers in their 30s and 40s who became fans of anime and manga in their youth.

The animations convey the charm of gift items better than catalogs do, the company says.
Each episode introduces different products, such as Baumkuchen cakes, instant coffee packets, packaged fish, sweet “dorayaki” pancakes and dried “nori” seaweed packages.

In the coffee anime episode, Professor Amano explains how eco-friendly coffee beans are harvested to a young woman named Ryoko.

In the episode about dorayaki, a trading house employee Shun comes back from his overseas assignment and five of his friends throw him a party to welcome him back.

The online oseibo shopping site was launched on Oct. 12.

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