Manga mother-in-law is the ‘cat’s meow’

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Ajiko Kojima, a manga artist best known for his “Tonari no 801-chan” comic strip, has just released his latest new series of amusing four-frame comic strips.

Although it might seem like the artist is planning a theme based on the tribulations a young wife faces with her mother-in-law, this new series has a twist: the husband’s mother is a cat.

“Okasama wa Neko!” (My mother-in-law is a cat!) was released Nov. 11 from Ohzora Publishing Co., publisher of Kojima’s “Tonari no 801-chan” series.

The new collection of four-frame comic strips costs 590 yen ($7) including tax. The comic book is available at bookstores across Japan and online.

The story revolves around Naoko, a young woman who has just married Mr. Nekoo. She now lives with her husband in a house in a quiet residential district.

Naoko expected newlywed life to be happy with her good-hearted husband. But she feels something is not quite right. That’s because her mother-in-law is a cat.

Naturally, the series is filled with Kojima’s wild and wacky twists.

Anyone who loved the “Tonari no 801-chan” series, which portrays the lives of an “otaku” boy and “fujoshi” (female otaku) girls, will like “Okasama wa Neko.”

Also on Nov. 11, Kojima’s “Yorinuki (the best of) Tonari no 801-chan” went on sale.

The fifth volume of the series is due out Dec. 8.

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