‘Tokyo Kawaii Magazine’ viewable on iPhone and iTouch

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

“Tokyo Kawaii Magazine,” an electronic magazine, is now available exclusively for viewing on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

The magazine is published by ASCII Media Works Inc., whose strengths are in the information and entertainment fields.

The company jointly developed the magazine viewer with Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.

The English-language magazine focuses on Japan’s pop culture, with kawaii (cute) things as its key theme.

It offers news on Japan’s and Tokyo’s cultural scene from the standpoint of kawaii, which young women overseas recognize as the key to Japan’s popular scene.

The magazine’s content is all its own original writings. By publishing entirely in English, it targets the world market, not just the domestic one.

Each issue is expected to contain 100–140 pages and present ASCII Media Works’ distinctive viewpoint and information.

Amid the declining domestic magazine market, ambitious businesses are shifting from analog to digital and from domestic to international.

Popular topics are Japan’s pop culture elements, such as anime, manga, kosupure (cosplay, or costume play), games, fashion, food trends and other content, centered around the concept of kawaii.

The price, always a concern, varies. The Lite edition is free, while a regular edition costs 230 yen ($1.99), tax included.

The debut edition is offered for 115 yen (99 cents). The price is low compared to most magazines, one of the advantages of e-publishing.

The viewer application, created exclusively for Tokyo Kawaii Magazine, is designed for smart phones and makes the the magazine easy to read and easy on the eyes.

Using horizontal and vertical scrolling, you can smoothly choose and read more than 100 pages.

A forerunner in its field, Tokyo Kawaii Magazine is drawing considerable interest as a business and technical model.

But the most interesting question is how many readers will it attract?
Visit (http://tkmag.jp). Available from March 25 at the App Store.

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