Hyper Japan London 2010 to be held in October

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

The inaugural Hyper Japan London 2010, a huge event devoted to Japanese pop culture, will be held in Britain’s capital from Oct. 1-3. The official website was launched May 14 at (www.hyperjapan.co.uk).

Animation, videogames, manga, fashion, music and other aspects of modern Japan that are now popular worldwide will be featured.

Similar large events focusing on Japan include the Anime Expo in the United States, Japan Expo in France and Connichi in Germany.

Yet no events specializing in Japanese culture have yet been offered in Britain. The exception is the London MCM Expo, which focuses on U.S. and European pop culture and offers glimpses of Japanese anime, manga and videogames.

Hyper Japan aims to meet the needs of British fans of Japanese pop culture.
Hyper Japan will be hosted by London-based Cross Media Ltd., the company responsible for organizing the successful Japanese food event known as Eat-Japan.

Cross Media will bring its marketing expertise to Hyper Japan, differentiating it from other Japanese pop culture-related events dedicated to fans or organized by nonprofit groups.

Hyper Japan will be held concurrently with Eat-Japan. It is expected to be backed by the Japanese Embassy in London, the Japan External Trade Organization, Japan National Tourism Organization and other entities. Cross Media also aims to make Hyper Japan one of Britain’s leading events.

To that end, the company is offering not only activities for fans but also programs related to business-to-business services. The organizer is now accepting applications from companies hoping to participate through event exhibitions or other collaborations.

Britain can be considered a rising new market for Japanese anime and manga. As Japanese TV anime series are rarely broadcast in the country, the market for anime and manga is believed to be much smaller than in France and Germany. Therefore, Britain has been regarded as a minor market for anime and manga businesses.

However, London is one of Europe’s largest and most culturally diverse cities. Japanese food and traditional culture are popular there. It is certain that the potential to develop a wider market for Japanese pop culture in the country exists.

Many Japan-related events have been held in regions where demand for such events already exists. Yet as calls rise for the expansion of Japan’s content industry, an event like Hyper Japan is just what is needed to stimulate demand.

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