Web-based anime series ‘Yutori-chan’ now on television, coming soon on DVD

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Yutori-chan,” an anime series launched in March this year for viewing via Web streaming, has made the jump to television, where it hopes to reach a wider audience. From November, the series is being aired twice daily from Monday to Saturday on anime channel AT-X.

The anime started out streaming in 3-minute episodes on Anime One, an anime portal operated by NEC Biglobe Ltd. The shows can be viewed on computers and some mobile phones.

On Jan. 28, 2011, Bandai Visual Co. will release “Yutori-chan” on DVD. The first release will contain 25 episodes, with a total 75 minutes, and include a guide book, bonus footage and audio commentary. The price will be 3,990 yen ($48.50) including tax.

“Yutori-chan” focuses on the generation gap between part-timer Yutori (whose name means “relaxed”) and her colleagues at a toy company. Although this could be a heavy social subject, “Yutori-chan” takes an entertaining view, with comedy and a touch of sarcasm.

Illustrator POP, best known for “Moetan” and the online role-playing game “Loveny’s Art Book,” provided the basic designs for the series.

It is directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi (“Moetan” and “Hayate the Combat Butler”) and produced by animation studio Actas Inc.

The star-studded voice cast is worth noting: Yutori is portrayed by Aoi Yuki, while Kana Hanazawa and Akeno Watanabe give voice to Tsumekomi and Dankai, respectively.
The series can be viewed online by Anime One’s video streaming system. The first four episodes are free, with charges added for subsequent episodes.

To watch, viewers must first fill out a free membership registration on the website. After that, the viewer receives an e-mail message from Yutori each day containing a link to an episode. If the viewer clicks the link, he or she can view the episode. This unconventional method of delivery aims to give viewers a sense of communication with Yutori.

See (http://yutori-chan.jp/) and (http://www.at-x.com/)

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