“Anime Fes. ‘VS'” events nationwide to showcase three anime

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

“Anime Fes. ‘VS,'” a festival of screenings of eight episodes from new animated shows, kicks off Nov. 27.

This exciting event, held at five theaters in five cities nationwide, offers fans a chance to enjoy much-talked-about anime on the big screen prior to their official releases.

The first program, “Battle 1,” starts Nov. 27, followed by “Battle 2” from Dec. 25 and “Battle 3” in the new year. Each program will feature two or three new episodes from different genres, building the excitement.

Battle 1 showcases the first episodes from the “.hack//Quantum” and “Mazinkaizer SKL” animated series, and also includes an anime short called “Koi Sento.” Each anime features a powerful lineup of creative staff and popular voice actors and actresses.

To heighten the excitement, directors and stars will be on hand Nov. 27-28.

Directors Masaki Tachibana (“.hack//Quantum”), Jun Kawagoe (“Mazinkaizer SKL”) and Shuhei Morita (“Koi Sento”) will attend screenings at all five venues over the two days.

Voice actors and actresses Miyuki Sawashiro (“.hack//Quantum”), Shintaro Asanuma (“Mazinkaizer SKL”) and Minako Kotobuki (“Koi Sento”) will appear Nov. 27 at the Tokyo and Yokohama venues.

On Nov. 28, Kana Hanazawa (“.hack//Quantum”) will join Asanuma and Kotobuki onstage at the Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya sites.

This exciting lineup is brought to fans by the Anime Fes. “VS” organizers.

All seats, which include screenings plus the stage appearances, are reserved and cost 2,500 yen ($31) each. Advance tickets can be purchased via Ticket Pia online. For more information, visit (http://www.animefes-vs.jp/).

All titles in the festival are produced by Bandai Visual Co. and are aimed at a wide audience.

“Koi Sento” is a romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist.

“.hack//Quantum” is the latest in the popular “.hack” multimedia franchise, which includes videogame, animated TV series and theatrical feature versions. It takes place in the world of a fictional online videogame.

“Mazinkaizer SKL” is a robot action anime produced by manga artist Go Nagai’s Dynamic Planning Co.

The second and third episodes of “.hack//Quantum” and “Mazinkaizer SKL” will be shown at the Battle 2 and 3 programs to conclude each festival.

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