Content portal website Japacon offers social networking functions

10836Social networking functions were added to a revamped Japacon, a Japanese-English content portal website that promotes the latest TV programs, films and anime from Japan.

With the use of an original content management system, Japacon now works with social networking services, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as YouTube and official websites of content-providing companies. That way, users can gain content information on an easier and more efficient manner.

Japacon was launched in 2006 by the Content Portal Website Operating Committee. The committee operates the site with the help of major broadcasters, film studios, copyright holders, as well as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and other entities.

TV programs, anime shows and films available for international sales can be searched at the website. It also distributes e-mail newsletters for content buyers and promotes entertainment content at the TIFFCOM film market, the Asia TV Forum and Market and other business fairs and markets at home and abroad.

Japacon serves as a rare platform to deliver business information on the Japanese content market, which is considered short of providing information in English.

With the latest revamp, an exclusive website for smartphones was also launched to accommodate an increasing need for information searches. The new mascot character MAI was also introduced.

Japacon currently provides data on more than 600 titles in English, but the operator says it intends to expand the lineup.

Visit Japacon’s official website at ( and Facebook page at (

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