U.S. nominates 3 Japanese works for Annie Awards

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Three titles from Japanese game publishers have been nominated in the Best Animated Video Game category for the 39th Annie Awards, the animation world’s version of the Academy Awards.

The announcement came from ASIFA-Hollywood, the Hollywood branch of the International Animated Film Society.

“Catherine” by Index Corp.’s Atlus label, “Gesundheit!” by Konami Digital Entertainment Co. and Capcom Co.’s “Ghost Trick: ‘Phantom Detective’ ” were among those nominated for Best Animated Video Game.

The annual Annie Awards honors animation as a whole, giving awards to outstanding works nominated in eight production categories and to people mentioned in 24 individual achievement categories. The event covers animated works released in the United States.

This year, more works have been nominated than in the past.

Three of the nine titles mentioned in the Best Animated Video Game category came from Japan.

“Catherine” is a horror adventure videogame for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, whose animation parts were produced by STUDIO4C. The title won rave reviews after it was released in July in the United States.

“Gesundheit!” is a puzzle game for phones and presents picture book-like animation effects.

“Ghost Trick” was developed for the Nintendo DS game console. The latter two are also available for the Apple iOS platform.

The winners will be determined by ASIFA-Hollywood members and will be announced at the awards ceremony on Feb. 4.

So far, “Flushed Away The Game” for the Nintendo DS, developed by D3 Publisher of America Inc., the U.S. arm of Japanese game company D3 Publisher Inc., is the only Japanese title that has won the award in the Best Animated Video Game category.

Meanwhile, no other titles and individuals from Japan were nominated. It may be because of a decreasing number of Japanese animated feature films released in the United States.

Overall, DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. dominated the nominations, with its feature films “Kung Fu Panda 2” nominated in 12 categories and “Puss In Boots” mentioned in nine categories.

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