Updated ‘Evangelion’ book hits the stores

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

With a third Evangelion movie, “Evangelion 3.0: Q Quickening” set to hit the theaters in the fall of 2012, a new and updated edition of the “Evangelion Chronicle Illustrations” pictorial book was released Dec. 17.

The new edition features 243 illustrations from the popular manga and anime franchise by more than 20 artists, according to the Evangelion Store online shop.

The book contains all the illustrations previously published in the original 2008 edition, with an additional 60-plus illustrations.

The highlight of the art book is that it contains many illustrations that are being published for the first time. Previously undisclosed rough sketches of the characters, robots and machines from the anime are included.

Toshihiro Ono and Hirofumi Ichikawa, who worked on the original magazine series in its formative years, provided their illustrations for the new book.

The cover illustration featuring Asuka Shikinami Langley was drawn by Yoichi Fukano.

There are also illustrations from the first two films of the four-part rebooted “Evangelion” film series, as well as two foldout spreads.

The 182-page art book costs 3,360 yen ($43.30).

Visit the Evangelion Store at (www.evastore.jp/pc/article/B5001901.html).

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