Kosuke Sugimoto wins big at TBS DigiCon6

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

The winners of the 13th annual DigiCon6 digital content contest were announced Nov. 18, with Kosuke Sugimoto’s short anime “Sing In My Own Way” scooping the golden award, according to its organizer Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc.

DigiCon6 began in 2000, and the contest opened its doors for entries from Asia in 2006.

The contest covers digitally created short-length animation and live-action works.

This year, it received submissions from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

The top winners of the DigiCon6 Regional Awards, the subdivision of the DigiCon Awards held in each country and territory, will battle it out for the accolades in the final round in Japan.

For this year’s installment, Seiji Mizushima, an anime director best known for “Natsuiro Kiseki” and “Mobile Suit Gundam OO,” joined the jury panel.

Sugimoto’s “Sing In My Own Way” also won the Outstanding Performance and Sunrise awards at the Japan Regional Awards. In addition, it was selected for the Grand Prix award at the 23rd CG Anime Contest.

“Dart,” a South Korean animated short jointly created by Cho Sung-bin and Haam Ki-soo, won the silver award, while the bronze prize went to Chinese Wolf Smoke Studio’s “Kung Fu Cooking Girls.”

Hiroyasu Ishida, who won the Grand Prize at the Japan round last year with “Fumiko’s Confession,” won the Outstanding Performance Award with his new short anime “rain town.” Yuta Sukegawa’s “The Light,” Wataru Uekusa’s “Gentle March ver. 2,” Kawasaki’s “Chiruri” and Koki Hanawa’s “Garden” also won prizes at the Japan Regional Awards. These titles were also recognized at the CG anime contest.

The contest also showed the strength of the Tokyo University of the Arts.

Koya Takahashi, whose short anime “Vessels” won the Grand Prize in the Japan round, completed his studies this spring at the prestigious school along with Yosuke Omomo, the winner of the same prize at the 11th installment.

Visit the DigiCon6 official website at (www.tbs.co.jp/digicon/award/index-j.html).

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