New website to provide info on media arts

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Media Arts Current Contents, a government-affiliated portal on media arts covering manga, anime and videogames, was launched recently.

The website offers comprehensive information on media arts-related topics, projects, academic conferences, books and events. It also collects information from related fields and includes an archive function.

The website offers leading-edge information under five categories–manga, animation, videogame, media arts and archive–in addition to the general section.

The animation section, for example, covers the latest news from the international Society for Animation Studies and Italy’s Lucca Comics and Games convention.

The manga section mentions an event related to French comics in Angouleme, while the videogame section provides info on the latest activities of the Digital Games Research Association Japan.

Also, the site enables visitors to simultaneously view topics from multiple categories. Under the framework of media arts, various topics and events are interrelated.

The Media Arts Current Contents website stems from two operations initiated by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to set up an information base and digital archives to promote Japan’s media arts.

The portal will update information on projects and events related to the two operations and post reports.

Featuring many topics not usually covered on other news sites, the portal will be useful for researchers and professionals.

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