Russia, Britain join World Cosplay Summit 2012

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Russia and Britain for the first time will send delegates to the World Cosplay Summit 2012, the WCS executive committee announced.

As a result, the annual cosplay event held in Nagoya is becoming even more international in content.

Aichi Television Broadcasting Co. held the first WCS in 2003 to encourage international exchanges by inviting cosplay enthusiasts to Japan. Representatives from Italy, Germany and France participated in the first event.

The WCS has continued to grow, backed by increasing popularity of events related to Japanese pop culture and cosplay across the globe.
Participants at this year’s WCS, which was held in August, included cosplay fans from 17 countries: Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand and the United States.

The first Russian pair will be chosen at the final selection round to be held concurrently with a Japanese pop culture event whose name means “Sunrise” on April 15, in Moscow.

The event will be hosted by Japan House, a Moscow-based company that promotes awareness of Japanese culture.

It will also be supported by Oni no Yoru (Demon’s Night), an event organizer that has accumulated expertise in offering Japanese manga and anime-related events in the Russian capital.

Aspiring entrants in Russia need to submit required documents and video clips by mid-March 2012.Twenty pairs eligible for the Russian preliminary round will be determined.

The participants will be judged for their stage performances at the final round on April 15. It is certain to serve as the highlight of the “Sunrise” pop culture event.

The winning pair will join the WCS 2012, which will be held in Japan to determine the world’s top cosplay pair.
Meanwhile, the first pair from Britain will be decided at the U.K. preliminary round to be held as part of Hyper Japan, which will take place Feb. 24-26, in London.

Hyper Japan is a large-scale convention devoted to Japanese culture that began in 2010.

The annual event has grown rapidly. It attracted more than 30,000 visitors this sum

The market for Japanese anime and manga in Britain is believed to be smaller than in France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

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