‘Tiger and Bunny’ film anime coming to mobile phones

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

The animated movie version of the popular “Tiger and Bunny” animated TV series is now available on feature phones and iOS and Android smartphones for a fee, its distributor, menue Inc., said.

The e-comic is streamed frame by frame for feature phones and page by page for smartphones to suit their characteristics.

Each episode is priced between 50 yen (65 cents) and 100 yen, which will be charged on a per-point basis for conventional feature phones and Android devices and pay-as-you-go basis for iOS devices.

Set in a futuristic city, “Tiger and Bunny” centers around old hand superhero Wild Tiger and rookie superhero Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Film comics show actual images from original animated series in frames, which are arranged in a regular manga style. Speech balloons and sound symbolisms are overlaid onto the images to add manga-like effects.

Film comics have become a widespread practice among anime-related publications. Many titles have also been made available for mobile phones in recent years.

To reach out to a wider range of fans, the “Tiger and Bunny” film comic is also being made available for smartphone platforms.

To celebrate the start of the online streaming, a special wallpaper will be given when a registration is made.

With additional elements added for the film comic version, fans of the original animated series can enjoy the title in a different way. Visit: (http://tb.k-manga.jp/).

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