‘One Stormy Night’ to be made into CG-animated TV series

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

“One Stormy Night,” or “Arashi no Yoru ni,” a best-selling children’s book written by Yuichi Kimura and illustrated by Hiroshi Abe, will be adapted into a computer-generated animated TV series, it has been announced.

Word of this was revealed at MIPCOM, an international content market held in Cannes, France, which wrapped its four-day run on Oct. 6. It was announced by Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) and Sparky Animation Pte. Ltd.

The anime will be co-produced by Duckbill Entertainment Inc., Baku Enterprise Inc. and Bandai Visual Co. from Japan, and Sparky Animation from Singapore.

The book was adapted into an animated feature film in 2005 directed by Gisaburo Sugii, who won critical acclaim for the work.

Baku Enterprise was responsible for the planning and production of the feature. The company had been working on other anime adaptations, and was given the green light under an international framework.

According to the MDA news release, the series will be comprised of 52 11-minute episodes. Tetsuro Amino, director of the “Macross 7” and “Broken Blade” TV series, will take the helm of the production.

The series will premiere on the TV Tokyo network in April 2012, marking a rare airing of a full CG-animated TV series in Japan.

Founded in 2004, Sparky Animation is a CG production studio whose operations span a wide range of fields, including television production, mobile content and digital games.

In addition to producing “Freej,” an animated TV series popular in the Middle East, the studio also actively promotes collaborations with European companies. One of those collaborations is “Dinosaur Train,” which is co-produced with The Jim Henson Co.

Duckbill Entertainment is a Japanese company specializing in copyright licensing on behalf of Japanese entertainment companies, mainly in Asia.

Amid increasing international animation co-productions, the “One Stormy Night” animated series will likely garner plenty of attention.

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