Chi-Sui Maru, the little bloodsucker, now on DVD

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Mice, rats, wild rabbits, bats … you can now add mosquitoes to the long list of animated vermin available on DVD.

The first season of the “Chi-Sui Maru” animated short series has been released on DVD from King Records Co.

The DVD contains all 40 episodes, totaling 52 minutes, that were aired on Nippon Television Network and is priced at 2,625 yen ($34), including tax.

“Chi-Sui Maru” (little one who sucks blood) is by short anime creator Rarecho, whose works are known for a uniquely paced storyline and cute-looking characters. He is best known as creator of “Yawaraka Sensha” (soft tank).

“Chi-Sui Maru” premiered in February 2010, marking Rarecho’s first anime series in four years.

The anime is about a mosquito. In each episode, running about one minute, corporate worker Nobuo is trapped in a desperate battle against a mosquito named Chi-Sui Maru, who tries to suck his blood.

The cute but somewhat cynical comedy unfolds against the backdrop of bouncy bossa nova-like music.

The DVD also comes with previously unreleased episodes and footage. In addition, a special sticker, five postcards and a 12-page booklet designed by Rarecho are included for a limited time only.

The DVD cover art, as well as illustrations in the DVD menu page, were also designed by Rarecho.

“There are so many extras, like new footage and freebies, included (in the DVD) that my fellow animators said they had had enough of my foolishness,” Rarecho commented.

The series was released on DVD on Sept. 21.

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