Kadokawa’s new ‘Primero’ manga label targets female readers

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Kadokawa Contents Gate Co. (KCG) announced it has launched a new e-manga label intended for female readers called “Primero.”

The first episodes of the first three titles from the label are currently available at Kadokawa Group Holdings Inc.’s Book Walker e-book store intended for smartphones. They have also been released through the Chokuyomi digital distribution service for conventional cellphones.

Subsequent episodes will be available at the end of each month, with more titles to be added to the lineup.

The word “primero” means “first” in Spanish. It reflects KCG’s efforts to incorporate new gimmicks and streaming methods. KCG also said it is determined to take on the challenge of exploring the possibilities of manga and e-publications in the digital era.

The “Primero” label has also taken a unique approach. In a major departure from current practice, under which paper-based comics are digitalized, all the titles will be exclusively released as e-manga.

The manga titles will also make full use of digital media, in addition to offering related tips and displaying richly rendered images.

For example, the first title, “Tokyo Burarabu” by Yoyogi Uehara, comes with web links that lead to Internet pages that provide additional information. The feature helps the reader explore the physical world related to the manga.

The comics can be purchased on a per-episode basis, offering readers an easy way to enjoy digital manga.

In addition to “Tokyo Burarabu,” Aya Sugai’s “Prince Detective” and Zen Shinjo’s “Shodo Kaijo Shikkonin” are also available.

For more information, visit Primero’s official website at (http://www.kadokawa-cgate.co.jp/con/primero) and Book Walker’s at (http://bookwalker.jp/).

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