Bandai opened website for anime character-themed confectionery

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

In a move aimed at capitalizing on a growing appetite for anime-themed food products, toymaker Bandai Co. has recently launched a website promoting anime character-based confectionery.

The “Chara Shoku Net” online shop, which was set up in the “Premium Bandai” website in late August, accepts orders for sweets that feature popular anime characters such as Kamen Rider and Evangelion, the company said.

Currently, the website is taking orders for a Swiss roll designed to resemble the shape of the “Thousand Sunny” pirate ship from the blockbuster anime series One Piece.

Other offerings include an assortment of sweets served on a Thousand Sunny-shaped tray, as well as a Swiss roll featuring an Angel from the Evangelion film series and a birthday cake in the motif of Kamen Rider OOO.

In recent years, Bandai has scored success by expanding its business from toys to confectioneries that are created with anime-related themes.

In 2010, a cake shaped after a structure belonging to the NERV organization from Evangelion sold 5,000 pieces in three days after the company started taking orders.

For Bandai, it has been sweet success as the manufacturer has managed to tie use its marketing skills in anime with products that will appeal to adult consumers.

The toymaker’s foray into the food sector may seem rather unexpected, but Bandai has had ties to sweets through figurines given away with confectionery and other products.

Bandai is also keen to penetrate into other markets such as fashion and daily commodities.

The Bandai Premium website offers various online shops to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

The Bandai Apparel Store offers children’s clothing, while the Bandai Fashion Net is aimed at young adults. The Charafull Life Style deals in shampoos, tooth pastes and other anime and superhero-themed daily commodities for kids.

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